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    Handcrafted Semi-Custom Bathroom Cabinets Near Phoenix

    Handcrafted Semi-Custom Bathroom Cabinets Near Phoenix

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    If you want beautiful cabinetry that will makeover your bathroom but are on a budget, consider our semi-custom cabinet options. We will work closely with you to measure your bathroom, discuss your vision, and provide options to make your dreams a reality. With semi-custom cabinetry from our Phoenix cabinet makers, you’ll receive cabinets that fit perfectly in your bathroom while matching your style and upgrading your storage, all at an affordable price.

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    Hired these guys to make some custom cabinets in my office. They were very prompt. They built them to fit my exact needs… They fit in with my chosen style and the whole team was just all around great.




    This is an awesome company. Last year I just wanted to see what a kitchen project would entail as we were taking on a remodel on our own… AZ Cabinet Maker gave us a quote, and we went with them when we were ready to get it done!




    I’ve been to these guys twice. Once for bathrooms, and another for my laundry room. They’re always very responsive no matter what. We’re slowly upgrading the whole house, and I’ll choose them every time!

    JAY A.


    Custom & Semi-Custom Cabinet Designers & Installers Providing Services For Phoenix Residents

    Phoenix’s Top-Rated Cabinet Makers Providing Custom Cabinets of the Highest Quality

    We are industry leaders, designing and manufacturing the highest quality custom cabinets for homes and businesses across Phoenix, the Valley, and greater Arizona. From measuring your existing room, custom design and style options, carefully crafting your cabinets in our shop, and our quality installation services, we promise to provide an outstanding customer experience from start to finish. We are sure you’ll love the results.

    Skilled Craftmanship On All Our Cabinetry Products

    Professional Cabinet Design & Contractors

    Our experienced craftsmen specialize in creating custom-built closet cabinets that are tailored to your specific needs. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for design, we deliver high-quality cabinets that maximize your storage space and enhance the functionality of your closet. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or a classic and timeless look, our skilled craftsmen will bring your vision to life. Trust us to transform your closet with our expertly crafted built-in closet cabinets.

    Built-In Custom Cabinets By Experienced Craftsmen For Properties In Phoenix, AZ
    Built-In Custom Cabinets By Experienced Craftsmen For Properties In Phoenix, AZ
    On a Budget?

    Check Out Our Semi Custom Value Series Cabinets

    Our semi custom cabinets are the perfect option when you need to upgrade a room but are on a budget. Our semi-custom value series cabinets offer an extensive series of color, design, and finish options, and can be further customized with your choice of hardware. Whether you’re looking for new cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, or laundry room, we have what you’re looking for. Plus, all of our semi-custom cabinet orders enjoy our premium installation service for the perfect results.

    Built-In Custom Cabinets For Kitchens, Libraries, And Office Rooms In Phoenix
    Semi Custom Cabinets For Phoenix Properties
    5 Star Custom Cabinets By Design

    Top Rated Crafted Cabinetry Manufacturer & Installation Company

    Hand-Crafted Cabinetry Manufacturer For Kitchens In Phoenix


    Quality kitchen cabinetry can dramatically improve the appearance of your entire home. Our Phoenix custom cabinet maker will put your vision into reality by designing, building, and installing beautiful new cabinetry that fits your personality and adds new life to your home.

    Hand Crafted Cabinetry Manufacturer And Installation For Bathrooms In Phoenix


    Upgrade your bathroom storage and enhance the comfort of your home with custom or semi-custom cabinets from the leading custom cabinet maker in Phoenix. Whether you need more room for storage or simply want a different feel, we can build it!

    Crafted Cabinetry Manufacturer And Installation For Media Rooms In Phoenix

    Media Room

    Create a sleek, modern, or dramatic look in your media room with custom designed storage that will hide away cords, game controllers, remotes, and other electronics free from sight. The design, finish, and color options are endless! Call us today to get started with your design.

    Hand-Crafted Cabinetry Maker And Installation For Home Offices In Phoenix

    Home Office

    With new cabinets custom designed by AZ Cabinet Maker, your home office can become a cozy, productive environment that reflects your personality and is free from distraction. Enhanced storage space and better organization are waiting for you!

    Pantries And Cabinetry Manufacturer And Installation Company For Clients In Phoenix

    Laundry & Closet

    Make laundry enjoyable when you have a beautiful, custom designed workspace with plenty of storage to hide away the clutter. Our custom designed closets and laundry cabinets can help you find storage space you didn’t even know you had!

    Crafted Cabinetry Manufacturer For Laundry Closets In Phoenix

    Pantry Cabinet

    Custom designed cabinets from Phoenix’s custom cabinet maker just might turn your pantry into your new favorite room. We will put your vision into reality as we maximize your storage space with innovative tricks for easy access to everything in your pantry.

    New Cabinet Installations For Phoenix Homes

    Custom Cabinets For Kitchen In Phoenix, AZ

    Designing Custom Cabinets for Kitchens In Phoenix

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    Whether you’re building a brand new home or want to upgrade an existing home, we have the expertise and skills you need for a perfect kitchen that works efficiently, flows well, and is packed with storage options. Nothing improves the feel and appearance of a home like a well-designed kitchen with beautiful cabinetry. We offer innovative storage solutions and endless style options. If you’re ready to get started on your dream kitchen, contact our trusted Phoenix custom cabinet maker today.

    Expert Installation of Bathroom Cabinets in Your Area

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    Not only are we the industry leader in custom and semi-custom cabinetry, but our experts also provide the highest quality installation services for bathrooms and kitchens in the greater Phoenix area. We pay careful attention to every detail to ensure that your new cabinets are installed exactly right. We are confident you’ll be thrilled with your new cabinets and countertop, whether you opt for a sleek and modern look or more traditional features.

    Cabinet And Vanity Installations For Bathrooms In Phoenix
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    Custom Kitchen Cabinetry With Handcrafted Island Cabinets In Phoenix, AZ

    FAQs About Our Cabinet Manufacturing & Installation Services

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    When you work with us for Phoenix custom cabinet designing, building, and installation, we promise to take care of every detail from start to finish. This may take a bit longer than working with a big box store, but we promise the wait is worth it. When you begin the design process with our team, we will provide an estimate of our current lead time, which may vary depending on the availability of materials, the intricacy of your design, and other circumstances.
    Don’t settle for just any cabinet designer. You’ll receive the best results when you work with a Phoenix custom cabinet maker who has developed a reputation for being a leader in the industry, is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction every step of the way, is committed to protecting the environment throughout the process, and treats their employees well. That’s the kind of care you can expect when you work with AZ Cabinet Maker.
    We offer almost endless finish options for our Phoenix custom cabinets. Whether you’re looking for a natural wood appearance with a neutral, light, or dark stain, or prefer a colored finish option, we can build it. We use only the highest quality materials for our waterborne UV, stained, glazed, painted, varnished, or distressed finishes in a very wide variety of colors.
    All of our finished cabinets are naturally water resistant once they have had their final coat of varnish, glaze, or paint. However, because all types of wood and cabinetry will eventually absorb large amounts of water that isn’t properly removed, we still recommend taking care to remove standing water or excessive drips to protect the longevity and appearance of your custom cabinets.
    When you have custom cabinets installed in your Phoenix home, we will work with you from start to finish designing cabinets that fit exactly in your home. You choose the exact finish, door style, and hardware that you want for a completely custom design. With semi-custom cabinets, we begin with stock cabinets in pre-determined sizes. You’ll have many design options to customize them to fit your home, including the depth, door style, finish, color, and hardware.
    Although our cabinets are solid and designed to withstand many years of normal use, take care to avoid slamming or kicking the doors closed. We recommend deep cleaning your cabinets periodically, wiping up spills right away, being watchful for plumbing leaks under the sink, using gentle cleaners, and being watchful for signs of pests such as termites, rodents, and cockroaches.

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    If you are looking for people who will make cabinets for all parts of your home or office, we are the ones to contact. Our Scottsdale custom cabinet makers work quickly and to your exact specifications. Contact us today.