2020 Cabinet Colors to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen designs are continually evolving, particularly cabinet colors. A room that is typically created for simple meal preparation and cleanup can actually become a showcase for the latest and greatest color trends. While it can feel overwhelming to stay current with the constant evolution, your local Chandler custom cabinet company will always be able to offer valuable guidance as you choose a new, trendy color palette for your kitchen cabinets. Here are some of the most popular color trends of 2020, according to the expert cabinet builders at AZ Cabinet Maker.

Beautiful turquoise kitchen cabinets made by AZ Cabinet Maker

Blue and Greens

Blues and greens are calming, neutral colors that will never go out of style. The specific shade may vary in popularity from year to year, but blues and greens are a continual favorite with homeowners of every style. The crazier modern life gets, the more eager people are to incorporate a peaceful feel into their home and personal space.

The deeper, earthy tones of blue and green have an immediate calming effect, causing any room to feel like a safe and comfortable place. While they have been traditionally left for spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms, these deeper shades of blue and green have been making their way into every living space including kitchens and dining rooms.

And these colors are not limited to the walls! Along with installing backsplashes, floors, and décor in deep blues, the newest trend is to work with your Chandler custom cabinet designer to incorporate deep shades of blues or greens into your new kitchen cabinets. Doing so creates a kitchen that promotes a grounded, confident feel, while still avoiding the boring neutrals.

White with Color

For those homeowners who prefer to stick with more neutral colors such as whites and creams, consider the growing trend of white cabinets with little pops of color throughout. White is unshakable as a favorite kitchen color; not only is it clean and classy, but it gives a crisp, spacious vibe to any kitchen space.

While there is nothing wrong with white, Chandler cabinet contractors encourage adding a little extra color in the kitchen. Adding vibrant colors here and there will drastically enhance the crisp whiteness of your cabinets. The following hues are the most popular 2020 colors to pair with white, and if placed appropriately, will completely transform your kitchen:

  • Turquoise: For some, turquoise may just be too bold of a color choice, and that is okay. So why is it so popular? While it may be too intense for an entire kitchen space, it carries a lively, vibrant appeal when used sparingly. Consider using turquoise themed décor, or hiring your local Chandler cabinet maker to paint your open shelving two-tone with both white and turquoise.
  • Lemon: Yellow in any shade is quite overpowering when used in excess. However, lemon brings a much-needed cheeriness to any kitchen environment, particularly when placed on just the right details. Lemon pairs well with white and other neutrals, and is especially popular in kitchens lacking natural light.
  • Avocado: This beautifully unique shade of green brings a soft, comforting feel to a kitchen when placed appropriately. Use it too excessively and your kitchen will look like it is straight out of the 70’s. But pair it alongside a clean white, and your kitchen will carry a classic, clean appeal.

Trendy Color Statements

There are many options to choose from when pairing white with color. Some say all-white cabinets are ideal, because the pops of color can be found in the appliances, décor, backsplashes, and more.

Two-tone cabinets are also highly popular this year, according to custom cabinet builders in Chandler, because they create a bold, yet relaxed appeal. The two-tone trend is quite versatile in itself, either by making the lower cabinets dark and the upper cabinets white, or by adorning each individual cabinet with both colors, or anywhere in between.

Another 2020 trend is to make your kitchen island cabinets one distinctive color, such as deep turquoise, cheery lemon, or unique avocado, while allowing the other cabinets to remain neutral. This creates a focal point in your kitchen and breaks up the repetition of neutral tones.

AZ Cabinet Maker

Whatever your preference for kitchen cabinet colors, remember that trends change every year, so choosing a color palette you personally love is important. Whether you choose one shade of earthy blue or green, a two-tone look, or a vibrant focal point, your ideal kitchen will reflect your personal style and ultimately make your family feel at home.

For over 25 years, AZ Cabinet Maker has been helping homeowners bring their dream kitchens to life. Whether you need expert guidance choosing a color scheme, or simply want a unique set of custom designed cabinets, our licensed carpenters take every project very seriously and are committed to a 100% satisfactory outcome for each client. To learn more about our five-star services and excellent pricing, call AZ Cabinet Maker today at (480) 800-3512!

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