5 Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Custom Cabinet Production

With the way this year has progressed, living with an environmentally friendly approach has become increasingly popular among people of all ages and interests. People want to “go green”, live “non-toxic” and “eco-friendly”, and avoid being called a tree hugger in the process.

You might be in the works of building a new home, or planning a total renovation for your current home, and wondering how to do it affordably and in an eco-friendly manner. Is it even possible to be conscious of the environment when you hire a professional Chandler custom cabinet builder to create new storage space for your kitchen? Our experts at AZ Cabinet Maker are here to show you how it is not only possible, but it is easy and beneficial too! Keep reading to learn some of the key benefits of receiving environmentally-friendly custom cabinets from a local Chandler cabinet maker.

5 Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Custom Cabinet Production

Materials Being Reused

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a Chandler cabinet builder who specializes in an eco-friendly approach is the emphasis on recycling. Salvaged and recycled materials including aluminum, paper, end-grain bamboo, and wood are repurposed into your kitchen cabinets and countertops, lending a unique flair and green aspect to your home.

Low Energy Requirement

Because recycled materials have already been manufactured, reusing them for another purpose does not require very much energy. They simply need to be manipulated and re-shaped into your new cabinets, sink, countertops, or flooring. Additionally, because the materials are likely being sourced locally, there is little to no shipping time or energy required for bringing new materials in and building the new cabinets.

No Toxic Byproducts

Building custom cabinets from salvaged materials helps promote good air quality inside your home. Using environmentally friendly materials ensures that no highly toxic compounds are still in the material, and therefore it will not be leeching toxic fumes into your air supply. Many homeowners do not realize that some building materials can contain toxins such as formaldehyde, that are slowly released into the air over time, and can affect those who are super sensitive to it. By reusing salvaged materials that have already been around for many years, you are ensuring that those toxic fumes have essentially disappeared, which is better for your health and better for the environment as a whole. Better air quality is something we can all strive toward, no matter where we are in life.

Sustainable Harvesting Practices

Wood is a popular choice for Chandler cabinet contractors who design custom cabinet sets. However, there are many available options for those who are concerned about the impact that creating a whole set of cabinets out of hardwood will have on trees and the environment. If this is you, talk to your Chandler custom cabinet designer about wood veneer, salvaged wood, or bamboo. Each of these is a fantastic choice!

Salvaged wood is highly sustainable, as it will essentially never run out. It also brings a unique flair into your home, that no other piece of wood will offer. Wood veneer is a thin slice of wood adhered to a substrate, that gives the appearance and feel of wooden cabinets, but does not require the excessive amount of hardwood that other cabinets would. Lastly, bamboo grows extremely quickly, so it is rapidly renewable. Its strength is greater than most other hardwoods, making it a fantastic, durable option for your eco-friendly cabinets.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Perhaps the greatest benefit on the list of creating green cabinets with your Chandler custom cabinet company, is that your recycled cabinets and countertops will be extremely durable and simply to maintain. These materials are not picky about specific cleaning methods and solutions, like granite and hardwood are. Aluminum, salvaged wood, and bamboo are extremely easy to clean – when spills occur, simply wipe them up. Use a simple all-purpose spray and wet washcloth to clean them off, dry with a towel, and voila. You have a clean, environmentally-friendly kitchen.

If you are searching for an environmentally-friendly Chandler custom cabinet designer, look no further than AZ Cabinet Maker. We specialize in unique custom cabinets for any room, and focus on quality and affordability. With a full line of custom and semi-custom cabinets to choose from, and comprehensive service, AZ Cabinet Maker is capable of taking an environmentally-friendly approach for those who desire it. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with green cabinets and an eco-friendly approach!

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