5 Design Choices to Make When Remodeling Your Kitchen

When designing your kitchen remodel, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of choices. First you must choose the style of your kitchen. Then, within that style there is a whole gauntlet of other options – granite or laminate countertops? White or natural for your new Phoenix kitchen cabinets? Stainless steel or black appliances? Gas or electric cooktop? And the list goes on. Not only this, but if you plan to resell your home eventually, it is a good idea to keep versatility in mind for the next buyer. While you do not need to cater to their specific taste in style or fashion (it is still your kitchen after all!), designing your kitchen remodel open-endedly with versatility and flexibility will go a long way in appealing to a multitude of buyers in the future. Consider these five tips when working with your Phoenix kitchen remodeling contractor and mapping out your kitchen remodel design:

1 – Cabinets

Cabinet designs have a wide range of options, from very simple to very fancy. Custom cabinets may the best choice in this area, as they allow you the freedom to pick and choose various aspects from several different pre-cut styles. For a more open-ended cabinet choice, consider a classic Shaker style with a twist. This narrows down the overwhelming possibilities, but still leaves room for personal preference plus versatility. Ask your Phoenix cabinet remodeling company for advice in designing the look of your cabinets.

Consider also whether or not you will utilize the open shelving look. Open shelves could be used in all or just a small area of your new kitchen. Keep the cabinet doors handy but stored out of sight, so they are readily available if you change your mind later and decide open shelving is just not for you – or for the future buyer to use if they prefer.

2 – Colors

When designing any Phoenix kitchen remodeling project, the color choices are often one of the biggest holdups. There are endless possibilities, choices, palettes, shades, and ways to mix and match. With so many aspects to keep in mind (appliances, countertops, cabinets, floor, and walls), it is easily overwhelming to choose a color palette that compliments the entire kitchen, let alone the rest of the house. Generally, we recommend choosing neutrals. Grays, whites, creams, and tans are the way to go since they are easy to mix and match with the other aspects of a kitchen, and effortlessly complimentary to any personal style.

The best part about neutrals is that even if you personally prefer brighter colors, this is where your sense of style can shine through and the fun begins! Choose that ocean blue coffee pot that you love at the store, or the rainbow-striped fruit bowl for the counter. Even your kitchen towels can be complimentary pops of color. This allows for easy flexibility if your personal preferences change over time.

3 – Modern & Old-Fashioned

For the most timeless and versatile look, be sure to mix both old and new elements in your Phoenix kitchen remodel. While your appliances may be very modern-looking and sleek, be sure to balance that look with a traditional floor rug, old porcelain sink, or vintage farmhouse kitchen signs on the walls. Remember also that your kitchen table and chairs can be a key player in this aspect. Do not be afraid to mix it up, play around with different ideas, and ask your expert Phoenix kitchen designer for input as well.

4 – Natural Elements

Natural elements, such as wood or stone, are perfectly timeless pieces. Whether it is a butcher block countertop, natural-edge wood slabs for open shelving, or a stone countertop, any of these options are fantastic with neutral colors and flexible to complement any personal style. A classic hardwood floor is also an excellent choice for incorporating a natural element into your kitchen. Whatever the surface may be, as long as there is a wood element integrated into your new kitchen remodel, it will certainly create a versatile feel to the new space.

5 – Light Fixtures

Last but not least, light fixtures are a central piece in designing your new kitchen. These tie the whole kitchen together, bring warmth, and help create an inviting atmosphere in the area. When seeking a versatile, timeless look in your kitchen design, be sure to choose a classic light fixture that is not overly modern or super antique. Choose a classic, simple design that is sure to be complimentary to the overall appearance of your remodeled space.

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