5 Important Design Factors To Consider With Your Kitchen Custom Cabinets

Professional Cabinet Designers Give Tips On Upgrading Your Kitchen’s Looks

Are you ready for a new look for your kitchen? Upgrading your cabinets is one of the most significant things you can do to change the look and the functionality of your kitchen. You can dramatically makeover your kitchen just by changing the cabinets.

You don’t have to limit yourself to what’s available at the local home improvement store. You can hire a custom cabinet designer to get the perfect look for your home and your own sense of style. Here are five important factors you need to consider when designing your custom cabinets:

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Design From AZ Cabinet Maker In Chandler

Why You’re Planning A Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

You likely decided that your kitchen needs a makeover because you aren’t satisfied with the way it looks. Most people don’t decide to make a major change to their homes because they love everything. So start your design planning by thinking through what it is that you don’t like about your current kitchen cabinets.

Think through all the issues. Are you unhappy with the color? Is the style stale? Or are the cabinets just worn out? Do you have a hard time with the doors or drawers? Once you know what’s truly bothering you about the cabinets, you can work through the solutions with your cabinet maker.

What You Like About Your Current Cabinetry

You may like some things that you have in your current kitchen cabinets. In fact, you may almost feel reluctant to replace them because you like some things about them so much. For example, you may like the height and spacing of your cabinets, and you may grown accustomed to them. You may like the hardware on the cabinets, even if you aren’t crazy about the other style.
You can talk to your cabinet builder about incorporating these elements that you like into your new cabinets.

Do You Have Enough Storage Space In Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets may make a big impact on the look of your kitchen, but they also play an important functional role in storing and organizing all of your cooking and serving dishes and tools. Many people find that their cabinets are stuffed to the brim with items. Often, they are storing items on top of their refrigerators, in their ovens, or in their pantries.

Talk to your custom cabinet designer about your storage needs. If your current cabinets don’t offer enough storage, talk about potential solutions. You may be able to make better use of available wall space, or you may be able to get cabinets with better interior organization to maximize storage space.

Do You Need Cabinet Organizers?

Do you have a lot of pot lids that get everywhere? You may need some trays or slots to store these. Or do you find that you have a hard time getting pots out of your deep, lower cabinets? A slide-out tray may be the right solution. Talk through your organizational needs with your custom cabinet designer to learn about potential solutions. Your cabinet designer may have solutions that you did not know existed, or your designer may be able to create some.

What is Your Kitchen Remodel Budget?

Finally, you need to think the practical details of your kitchen upgrade, such as how much you can afford to spend and what space is available. Your budget will determine what elements you can include in your cabinet design, such as different types of wood, hardware, or organizational features. Your space will also have a big impact on what you can make possible with your cabinet design.

Talk through these and other concerns or factors with your cabinet contractor to determine what will be possible for your kitchen. Your custom cabinet designer in Chandler will create a gorgeous design for your cabinets that will make the most use of your space and give you innovative storage and organizational solutions.

Call AZ Cabinet Maker today if you are ready to give your kitchen a new look with some beautiful, custom cabinets. A custom cabinet designer from our team will help you design the perfect cabinets, providing the look you want while also giving you the storage and organization you need. We serve homes throughout the Chandler area. Call AZ Cabinet Maker today to schedule a consultation with a custom cabinet builder and get started.


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