Choosing The Right Color Scheme For Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

A Guide To Pick The Best Combination Of Colors For Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When you’re trying to choose the right color scheme for your custom kitchen cabinets from a Chandler cabinet builder, you may want to consider modern color trends. While color trends change annually and may even be arbitrary from one designer to another, the concept can provide insight into color schemes you wouldn’t have otherwise considered and help you generate ideas as you choose what appeals most to you. It’s almost important to take some time to think about other facets of your custom kitchen design, such as the durability of your cabinet choice, the size of your kitchen, how much interest you have in patterns, what wood grain or stain is elsewhere in your home, and most importantly, your personal color and design preferences.

A couple choosing a color scheme for their kitchen cabinets in Chandler, AZ.

What Is The Greatest Color Scheme For You

There are many beautiful hues that have made their way into today’s modern kitchens. With so many color schemes and tones to pick from, figuring out the best option for your custom kitchen can feel overwhelming. Here are some of the main trends from 2021 kitchens to help you incorporate restful and attractive colors into your space.

Top Color Trends For Kitchens In 2021

  • Earth Tones

Most homeowners want their homes to give off soft, peaceful, or zen vibes, and the kitchen is no exception. With the right colors, this can easily be accomplished. Among the most well-loved are earthy tones of blue and green, which make any home feel safe and calm. While these colors have more traditionally been used in bedrooms, they’re becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, where families spend so much of their time together.

  • Combining White With Bright Color

White has been a classic choice for kitchens for many years, and it’s easy to see why. It invokes feelings of simplicity, cleanliness, and crispness, making even very tiny kitchens feel larger and adding brightness to kitchens that lack natural lighting. However, many people like their Chandler custom cabinet builder to add a little extra color to their custom cabinets in order to add some brightness and personality to their kitchens. There are many ways to accomplish this transformation, such as adding a two-tone style to cabinet doors, painting the wall being open shelving, or adding a colorful backsplash.

  • Turquoise

Don’t reserve this stunning color for your jewelry collection; this exotic and vibrant mix of blue and green is perfect for adding a pop of fresh color to your kitchen cabinets. Small pops of turquoise within white or other neutrals will add an attractive visual focal point to your cabinet design.

  • Lemon

Both modern and classic, lemon yellow adds zest to your kitchen. Use this cheery color sparingly for a dramatic and tasteful effect. Lemon pairs extremely well with white and other neutrals and will especially add a lot of brightness to kitchens without natural light.

  • Avocado

Millennials are known for their love of avocado, but there’s no need to limit this to food. This unexpected but lovely color gives a brighter take on earth tones. A few touches of an avocado hue works perfectly with white to give your kitchen a clean and natural appearance.

  • Wood Grains

When choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets with your Chandler cabinet contractor, don’t forget to consider a natural wood grain for a timeless look. The most popular grain and natural stain color is walnut, which offers a unique color and graining. Wood lovers will especially appreciate the many shades and color tones available from this wood, which can provide a stunning highlight to any kitchen space. Another popular wood grain option is white oak, which is lighter and fresher looking than walnut, and can be cut in a variety of directions to give a dimensionally attractive appearance and uniqueness that won’t be rivaled by any of your friends’ kitchens. No matter what type of wood grain you choose, you can be sure that natural wood is a durable and long-lasting option for your custom kitchen cabinets.

Choosing The Color Scheme You Like The Best

If you don’t like a particular color or it doesn’t fit with your vision for your new custom kitchen cabinets, don’t feel guilty about abandoning the latest color trends. What matters most is that you love your new cabinetry and that you’ll be able to work with your Chandler custom cabinet designer to build something that you’ll love not just this year, but for many years to come.

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