Creating Unique Storage Solutions With Bathroom & Office Cabinetry

Organize Your Bathroom & Office Space With Arizona Custom Cabinets

One of the most common frustrations with home organization is finding enough storage in bathrooms and office spaces. Often, homeowners struggle with a lack of inspiration in these smaller areas of the home. The apparent lack of options can be very frustrating, and the last thing you want is to make your room feel cluttered or overfilled.

A Chandler custom cabinet designer can provide the perfect solution for these unexpected spaces, giving you unique storage options so your office and bathrooms are functional, organized, and beautiful.

Organize Your Bathroom & Office Space With Custom Cabinets In Chandler, AZ.

Bathroom Storage Challenges & Solutions

Many bathrooms have been designed with a focus on plumbing lines, with little thought for storage space. This means that space in most bathrooms is very limited, or at least inconvenient with closet doors and bathroom doors constantly getting in the way while you try to reach for your cosmetics. If your bathroom, like most bathrooms, doesn’t have space underneath the sink, or doesn’t even have a closet, shelving usually becomes your primary option.

While over the toilet shelving units have the advantage of saving on floor space, they don’t really offer a whole lot of additional storage. And anyone who’s lived with over the toilet shelving understands the frustration of pulling your hairbrush out of the toilet every time you’re in a hurry to get going for the day. There must be a better way!

  • Wall-mounted cabinets can be better than an over the toilet storage, but still don’t offer a lot of space, and you’ll still deal with bottles falling off.
  • Freestanding shelving unit can work well in some bathrooms, but isn’t very secure.
  • Small freestanding units with drawers and baskets can also be helpful in some spaces, but take up a lot of floor space in bathrooms that are already small.
  • Caddies or carts on wheels can be a decent option if your bathroom has enough floor space.
  • A shower caddy can be extremely helpful for a handful of small bottles inside your shower.

But what’s the best solution for your bathroom? If you have limited floor space, consider going up. Custom designed wall mounted cabinets will enable you to maintain your floor space while providing organized, concealed storage in an accessible part of your bathroom that is otherwise unused.

Another creative solution is to expand the vanity space around your sink. Many bathrooms can accommodate a new vanity from a Chandler custom cabinet maker that will provide a bit more counter space while also giving you plenty of organized cabinet space beneath. Custom built shelving designed just for your bathroom is another great way to improve the storage and the look of your bathroom.

Office Storage Challenges & Solutions

Offices often end up with the same storage problems as bathrooms. If you get a large desk to accommodate your computer monitors or need a lot of workspace, you may end up with very little floor space. This means a cramped, cluttered, messy office that is distracting and overwhelming.

For a more pleasant office space, try these unique solutions:

  • Filing cabinets, which have come a long way in recent years. Get a model with smaller or larger drawers depending on what size files you have.
  • Larger shelving with draws and plastic totes work for some situations. However, they can make your office feel like a garage or look cluttered.
  • Bookshelves are a popular, trendy option that utilize vertical space. Usually, the shelving is adjustable so you can fit larger bins and baskets, smaller boxes, books of different sizes, and other office supplies. The downside is that they can look cluttered or busy.
  • Containing small items in your desk helps keep your office supplies organized and gives a clean visual appearance, so consider choosing a desk that has several drawers of different sizes.

One of the best options for your office is custom cabinetry made by a Chandler cabinet maker. When a desk and chair takes up a lot of the floor space, going upward is often the only feasible solution. Cabinets that are built custom to suit your office will fit perfectly above your filing cabinets, desk, or other office furniture. Imagine how much extra storage space you could have for your office supplies, sensitive documents, valuables, and work related items!

Custom Cabinetry For Bathrooms & Offices In Chandler

It just makes sense to have custom cabinets designed for your bathroom, office, and other rooms that require unique storage options. AZ Cabinet Maker is a five star rated custom cabinet designer in the Chandler area who is ready to help you design the storage space of your dreams! Choose what you like, and we will make fantastic cabinets that fit perfectly within your rooms. We offer cabinets for all budgets. To get started on your project, contact us today or fill out the contact form on our website.


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