Custom Cabinet Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

When remodeling a home, there are plenty of decisions to be considered. Perhaps the most important and overwhelming space to think through is the kitchen. You need to plan a way for every item to have a specific place that is uniquely designed by a Chandler custom cabinet designer, so that there is a place for everything. You may think you have everything well planned-out, only to move in and discover a whole box of items that were not even considered in the kitchen planning process.

Most homeowners who remodel their kitchens wish they had spent more money and more time planning their new kitchen organization with the cabinet builders in Chandler, to be 100% sure that their kitchen turned out functional, practical, and well-organized. Here are a few ideas from your local Chandler cabinet contractor about how to get the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen organized with the custom cabinet ideas from the experts at AZ Cabinet Maker

First Steps

Start by meeting with your Chandler custom cabinet company and discussing what your options are. It is a good idea to ask them specifically what they usually see in kitchens. This would include items such as a garbage can pullout, pantry cabinet, under-sink organizer, pots and pans drawer, spice storage, and so much more.

After this initial meeting, go home and do your own research. Look at all the available custom options and their pricing, browse Pinterest, and talk with your friends and family about what they have done in their kitchens. Ask your Chandler cabinet maker for references to their favorite websites so you can see all the newest storage and organization products.

Think through the items you use most often in your own kitchen, and make a list of everything you want to prioritize. Do you want a special cabinet just for kids’ dishes or snacks? Do you like to bake and want special organization for those ingredients? Would a pantry cabinet be overwhelming or helpful for you? Do you have a lot of spices and need them better organized? Think through what would work best for you, and bring that list back to your contractor.

Custom Storage Ideas

While every kitchen is different based on the needs and usage of the homeowner, there are a few custom storage options that can help a kitchen feel extra organized.

– Garbage Bins – Consider asking for a specialized pullout drawer for trash and recycling bins, separate from under the sink storage. This is especially helpful if you have pets or young children, as it keeps the garbage away from curious hands and noses. Additionally, keeping your garbage bin out of sight cuts down on unwelcome smells, and helps your kitchen appear tidier and cleaner overall.

– Cutlery/Utensil Storage Drawers – Having drawers with specialized layouts specifically for your cutlery, silverware, and cooking utensils cuts down drastically on clutter. You will not have to keep a container full of utensils on the counter next to the stove, as everything will have a unique place tucked inside a handy drawer. Keep your silverware separate and unmixed with a specialized silverware drawer, where each category has its place.

– Tray Storage – Talk with your Chandler custom cabinet builder about designing a cabinet specifically for tall, oblong items. These include cutting boards, baking trays, and sheet pans. Your contractor can even design a storage rack inside that allows each piece to stand up on its own, and keep everything from falling over once one item is pulled out to use.

– Roll-Out Drawers – One of the most helpful storage items in a kitchen is drawers inside cabinets. Drawers allow you to see everything inside the cabinet instead of reaching blindly into the back of a cabinet, hoping to come out with the specific item you were looking for. Roll-out trays in base cabinets are a must-have solution to increase the efficiency and visibility within your kitchen design, and are especially helpful in cabinets storing pots and pans, pantry times, and storage bowls.

AZ Cabinet Maker

Having a customized kitchen that works for your specific needs improves your cooking experience and overall feeling of organization and peace. A cluttered kitchen creates a cluttered mind, but having a specially designed storage setup where everything has a place goes a long way in providing peace of mind and promoting calm.

For five-star rated cabinet designs for every budget, call AZ Cabinet Maker. Our experienced builders create custom cabinets uniquely designed for your lifestyle and needs, so that you will have an unforgettable experience in your new kitchen. We work closely with you throughout the entire process and take great pride in ensuring your complete satisfaction with the results. Let us help make your kitchen organization dreams a reality! Give us a call today at (480) 800-3512 to setup your first consult!

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