Everything You Need to Consider Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is an increasingly popular trend, surprisingly however, given the amount of hassle throughout the process. What seems at first like a simple fix or easy solution for a new look in your kitchen, quickly becomes an arduous process. Any reputable Gilbert cabinet contractor will tell you the woes of painting your kitchen cabinets, and encourage you to consider other solutions instead. Here, we present a few big aspects to consider when you want to paint your cabinets, offered by many custom cabinet companies.

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First off, consider the amount of time that will go into your cabinet painting process. While painting is often considered to be the easy way out as opposed to entirely replacing your kitchen cabinets with a custom cabinet designer, this simply is not true.

First, the prep work. This part takes probably the same amount of time (if not more!) than the actual painting part. You will have to remove every cabinet door, every hinge, and every handle. Piece by piece by piece. Then, you will need to sand or remove all the old paint or stain that is on your cabinets – on the doors, inside and out, and all around the outsides of the cabinets. You must also make sure the surfaces are extremely clean from any dirt, grime, or grease. This step cannot be skipped, or the new paint will not adhere to the cabinet surfaces.

After all that prep work (which can several days or even weeks, depending on your schedule), you can then actually paint the cabinets. However, before paint is applied, primer comes first. Typically, you apply one coat of primer, then sand it. Once the primer dries, you then apply at least two coats of paint, sometimes more, making sure to sand the surface between each coat of paint. Some people say that using a sprayer is helpful or even necessary, but remember if you do that, you must take even more time on the prep work to tape and plastic off the rest of your home.

Finally, once you are satisfied with the amount of paint on your cabinets, everything needs to be reassembled. All the hardware must be screwed back on properly, and all the doors reattached.


Remember that throughout this painting process, you will likely not be able to use your kitchen, so other arrangements must be made. This can quickly become expensive. And if you do not want to do all this work yourself, paying a professional to do the job instead can be just as costly.

It is important to invest in a high quality paint for your cabinets, as your kitchen takes a beating from daily wear and tear. Most Gilbert custom cabinet makers will agree this is not an area to skimp because if you use cheap paint, you will probably need to redo the entire process just a short time later.


Lastly, choosing the paint color can also be a complicated process. You want to choose something that fits with the theme of your home, not too flashy, but attractive and pleasant. And what if you end up finishing the whole project and hate the paint color? At that point, you will probably be much better off to hire a Gilbert cabinet builder and just have a whole new set of cabinets installed in your kitchen.

If painting is your jam and you really want to tackle the project, by all means, go for it! Just be sure you have considered all the factors before starting the process. If you read this post and decide painting is not for you, consider hiring AZ Cabinet Maker to re-design your kitchen instead. We are custom cabinet builders and specialize in cabinet designs, installation, and finishes. With years of experience under our belt, our commitment is your 100% satisfaction. To discuss your kitchen project, call us today at 480-800-3512 and speak with one of our qualified team members!

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