How a Custom Cabinet Installation Can Add Functionality to Your Mudroom

A mudroom is perhaps one of the most overlooked features in a home. It can function dually as a laundry room too, and quickly becomes a catch-all space for anything from shoes, to homework, to mail, to dog food storage, and so much more. 

A mudroom is especially helpful for those living in cooler or wet climates, who are used to dressing in layers and using outerwear such as scarves, hats, and gloves. However, even in Arizona, a mudroom serves its purpose for shoes, swimsuits, towels, car keys, and more. To truly make the most of your mudroom, a custom built cabinet from a Chandler cabinet contractor is an excellent way to add organization, functionality, and flair to an otherwise simple space. Here are a few factors to consider when working with your Chandler custom cabinet company to design a mudroom cabinet.

How a Custom Cabinet Installation Can Add Functionality to Your Mudroom



       1. Convenience

Convenience is everything! A mudroom should be located right inside the most popular entry/exit to your home, whether that is the front door, garage door, or back patio. Place the mudroom where it works best for the needs of your family. However, remember that convenience is not specific just to the location of the mudroom, but also to the configuration and layout of the room itself. 

Because AZ Cabinet Maker specializes in custom and semi-custom designs, we can easily create a cabinet that will fit perfectly in your mudroom and hides clutter. While mudrooms are known for their catch-all purpose, our Chandler cabinet builders can create a simple, eye-catching piece that makes organization easy and causes your mudroom to become the envy of the neighbors. 

Whether you prefer a floor-to-ceiling locker style cabinet, a cubby setup with hooks so each individual has their own space, or a large armoire-style cabinet with interior shelves and double doors that close to cover the clutter, the mudroom should serve the needs of your family. Convenience should be the top priority when designing your mudroom cabinet.

      2. Functionality

When meeting with your Chandler cabinet maker, functionality should be at the top of your priority list right along with convenience. While you may want all the bells and whistles that you see on Pinterest, keep in mind that you only need the aspects that work best for your family. Do you need a charging station for phones? A large cubby with room for multiple pairs of shoes? A section for dog leashes and accessories? 

Take time to really think through your lifestyle and what is necessary for your personal custom mudroom cabinet to make the space work to its full potential for your family. The more functional the cabinet, the more it will be worth every penny of your investment. Additionally, it will increase the resale value of your home should you ever choose to sell in the future.

     3. Add Seating

Even if your mudroom area is small, we highly recommend finding room to include a seating area or bench of some kind. Our Chandler custom cabinet designers at AZ Cabinet Maker are experts at adding storage benches into your uniquely created mudroom cabinet for even more storage options. We can add drawers or shelving underneath and around the bench to enhance storage capacity while adding a s small level of comfort. 

A bench is an easy resting place to set grocery bags while removing your jacket, dropping backpacks after school, or simply a place to sit while putting on shoes. It is highly multi-functional and attractive, and is a smart way to utilize your mudroom to its maximum potential. 

Hire the Professionals 

No mudroom space is too small for our Chandler custom cabinet builders to enhance with a uniquely designed cabinet. Whatever the size and shape of your mudroom, the experts at AZ Cabinet Maker will create a high-quality, perfectly shaped mudroom cabinet that will meet all the needs of your family. We build and install our cabinets locally, stay within your budget, and are deeply committed to the satisfaction of our clients. With a focus on providing the highest quality product at the best possible prices, AZ Cabinet Maker is ready to design cabinets to enhance your home and unleash its full potential. Call us today at (480) 800-3512 to get started!

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