How to Decide on a Lasting Kitchen Cabinet Design

Tips For Design The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Many homeowners who choose to update their kitchen with a Chandler custom cabinet designer spend quite a bit of time considering how they want their cabinets to look and thinking about which style would suit their home. It may seem like a good idea to design your new kitchen with a trendy style, but unless that design is something you really like and can live with for a long time, it might be a smart idea to pass on trends and stick with a timeless, classic design for your new kitchen.
It’s easy to feel like you’ll only be able to sell your home if the kitchen has a modern design. But in reality, as trends change frequently, you may end up dating your home with an “old” kitchen that is no longer desirable. Plus, most people don’t want their kitchen to look like a copy of their neighbor’s kitchen. You want your kitchen to reflect your own style and personality! So why not choose a timeless look?

homeowners who choose to update their kitchen with a Chandler custom cabinet designer

Designing a Timeless Kitchen

When you design a kitchen with a timeless style, you don’t need to completely buck all of the trends. Just stick with the ones that are functional and that you like. Sometimes the best kitchen designs are made by combining some aspects that you know you want or like with current trends and your own ideas. Here are some ways to incorporate a timeless appeal to your kitchen with your Chandler custom cabinet company:

Neutral Tones

Unless it really suits your personality and home, limit bold colors to paint, accents, and accessories. Choose stainless or neutrally colored appliances and add in color with elements that can be easily changed. Some of the best options for the basics of your kitchen are light browns, whites, off white shades, and natural wood. One trend that adds color and personality to your kitchen is to give your island a different color cabinet or countertop. But overall, it’s best to keep standard kitchen elements simple and allow your personality to shine through with your paint or backsplash selections, area rugs, dishes, paint color, and hand towels. 

Select Quality Materials

Once you’ve designed a solid foundation with your Chandler cabinet builder, the details can be easily filled in. Select only good quality wood, well-built countertops, and nice tiles so that your new kitchen will serve you well for a long time. This may cost a bit more upfront, but will last longer, require fewer repairs and replacement, and save you money down the road. You’ll also increase your home’s value and boost its sales appeal if you decide to move. 

Focus on Cabinetry

Your cabinets will be the focal point of your kitchen, so choose quality cabinets that look good now and will still be appealing in five or ten years. It’s usually best to avoid a loud color and stick with a simple design. Most builders will recommend custom cabinetry so that you can best utilize your space and really make your kitchen work for you. This is important whether your kitchen is very large, very tiny, or anywhere in between. When you work with a Chandler custom cabinet builder, you’ll find that cabinetry can be made to fit any awkward spaces within your room so that there is no wasted space.

Some types of cabinetry offer a timeless look that will always be popular. A solid cabinet door adds style and elegance to almost any kitchen. Shaker cabinets are another popular option that give a classic style and suit almost any home. Clean lines are an excellent choice! Talk with your cabinet designer about how you want your kitchen to work and the details will fall into place. Drawers, slide out racks, and other organizational features help you use your kitchen’s space to its maximum potential while adding fabulous style.

Design with the Future in Mind

Naturally, you want your new kitchen to suit the needs you have now. It doesn’t matter how pretty or trendy your space is if it doesn’t work well for you. But make sure to think about your future, too. Will your family be growing? Or maybe you plan to retire and move within the next several years? Do you have mobility or other special needs to consider? As you work with your Chandler cabinet maker, consider what needs you may have in the future so you’ll be happy with your kitchen in the years to come.

Avoid making expensive cosmetic changes just to keep up with kitchen trends. Instead, stick with the basics of a solid kitchen. Your timeless look will add appeal and functionality to your entire home.

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