Incorporating Custom Cabinetry in Small Spaces to Maximize Functionality

Optimize Your Spaces With Custom Cabinetry

Small spaces pose a challenge for homeowners. Some just ignore the space completely, and others just overload it with stuff to the point that it becomes functionally unusable anyway. Instead of viewing those small spaces as a challenge, homeowners should be thinking of them as opportunities and exploring options for getting more out of the space.

If you have a small room or other small space, you should consult with a custom cabinet designer in Chandler to learn how you can make better use of it. Here are just some of the ways that your custom cabinetry can help you maximize functionality in that small space:

Modern laundry room with custom cabinets

Use Every Nook and Cranny

Is there an area next to your washer that you just can’t figure out what to do with? Or have an unused bit of wall by your toilet? A custom cabinet builder can design unique solutions that fill those spaces and take advantage of every nook and cranny in the room.
You’ll have cabinets, shelves, and other options that are built specifically for the space – options that you won’t be able to just buy at the local home improvement store or online. Your Chandler cabinet builder will design solutions specifically for your needs and for the space.

Use Vertical Space

You may not have a lot of square footage in a room, but you likely have a lot of unused space on the wall. What’s in that area over your toilet? A custom cabinet would be of more use there than that picture you hung. What about the area over your washer and dryer, or even over your window?
Cabinets, shelves, and more can all be hung on the walls to make more space and offer more functionality. You can stack cabinets and put them side-by-side, even creating a wall of cabinets if it’s what you need. Your cabinet builder in Scottsdale will present you with some unique options and help you visualize what’s possible for the space.

Enhance Accessibility

Deep cabinets and those placed in corners can provide plenty of room for storage, but it can also be difficult to reach everything that’s inside. You may find yourself craning to get to awkward corners. A custom cabinet designer can implement solutions that enhance accessibility, such as a lazy Susan in that corner cabinet, a pull out rack in that deep cabinet, and more.

You can upgrade cabinets that you already have in a space to get more functionality out of them, or you can build your own cabinets with the features you need with the help of a Chandler cabinet contractor.

Make a Room Multi-Use

Who says that you can’t store your bathroom things in your laundry room? Or that your seasonal clothes can’t go in the same space? By separating rooms by use, you limit the efficiency of your space. You can get more out of those smaller spaces by making them available for multiple uses.
You can make it easier to keep your things organized by labeling your cabinets, drawers, and other compartments. Your Scottsdale cabinet maker can even introduce some organizational options, such as using different door fronts for different areas, using cubbies, and more.

Make a Room Look Bigger with Color

Small spaces can feel cramped, and that can cause you to feel anxiety when you walk into the room. You can enhance your enjoyment of the space by making it look bigger through the use of light colors. The best option is white, but other light colors can work, as well.
If you feel better about being in a space, you’re going to use it more also, so even this simply aesthetic choice can enhance the functionality of your space.

Stop living with a small space that isn’t meeting your needs. Contact a custom cabinet company serving Chandler to start learning about the design options that makeover your space and maximize its functionality.

If you have a small space in your home that you feel is not being fully utilized, call AZ Cabinet Maker in Chandler to learn how custom cabinetry can improve your space. We build and install our custom cabinetry locally, and we can provide cabinets to meet any budget. We offer a variety of finishes and hardware to get just the look you want. A custom cabinet designer will work closely with you to find innovative solutions for even the smallest and most challenging spaces. Call AZ Cabinet Maker today to schedule a consultation with a custom cabinet builder and learn more about your options.

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