Incorporating Your Personality Into Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you frustrated with your kitchen always making you feel tired and bored? Do you want to change it up, but don’t know where to start and have no funds for a full remodel? If this is you, AZ Cabinet Maker can help! There are so many fun ways to switch up the look of your kitchen without needing to dive into a complicated project. Our Chandler custom cabinet designers can offer direction on a new paint color, fresh hardware, or even a few simple decorations to take your kitchen to a whole new level. Here are a few other effortless ways to spice up your kitchen and flaunt your personal style.

Incorporating Your Personality Into Your Kitchen Remodel

Change Up the Paint Color

At AZ Cabinet Maker, our Chandler cabinet contractors know the dramatic effect that a fresh coat of paint can have in any space. If your cabinets have become dingy, dated, and old, try adding a coat of fresh white paint to brighten up your kitchen.

Or, repaint the walls a light color, and spray paint the cabinets a dark hue such as navy or deep aqua, to make a bold statement and switch it up. The design options are infinitely endless, so consult with our Chandler cabinet makers for advice with choosing a new paint color.

Change Up the Doors

A fresh cabinet door can make all the difference in a tired kitchen. Are you bored with the plain old normal doors that everyone has? Consider adding a pane of glass instead, and get creative with the design. Glass cabinet doors can be frosty, ribbed, colored, mirrored, or crystal clear. The choice is entirely up to you, and dependent on how you want to showcase or hide the items inside.

Remember that not every door has to be switched to glass. You have the option to switch just a few key doors, only the uppers, or whichever you choose. Our expert Chandler cabinet builders have plenty of expertise and knowledge to share in this area.

Change Up the Hardware

If you want a fresh look in your kitchen, but do not have time or funds for paint or new doors, consider picking out some innovative hardware. There is an endless variety of hardware, ranging from vintage, to farmhouse, to modern and sleek. It also comes in a wide selection of materials, including glass, stainless steel, or metal, and plenty of colors such as copper or brass.

Don’t be afraid to be creative, and let your unique style shine! Think outside the box, and your kitchen will really stand out from others with just a simple hardware switch.

Change Up the Lights

Customized, fresh lighting in a boring kitchen can really spice it up. Once again, there are tons of fabulous possibilities available for kitchen lighting. If you need some practical lighting options, consider adding a few LED strips of light under the cabinets to brighten up the countertops. If you want variety, try changing out the bulbs in your existing fixtures to a different variety, such as daylight bulbs.

After finding a solution for practical lighting, get creative! Discover a new chandelier for the dining area, or some modern pendants for over the island or kitchen sink. Think outside the box, and find something that showcases your unique personality and style.

Change Up the Rugs

Rugs can offer a bold splash of color or design to an otherwise plain kitchen space. Options for rugs are endless and are usually quite affordable, so don’t be afraid to choose a few totally different designs and store a few in the closet for later.

You could choose stripes for a contemporary look, or ornamental patters for a vintage feel. Choose a seasonal design for a fresh feel every few months, or find a deep, rich color for added warmth and balance.

After finding the perfect rug, choose a few fun pieces of décor within that same color scheme to really bring continuity and tie everything together.

Change Up the Storage

This is where our Chandler custom cabinet company really shines. We can take any space, even the smallest and most oddly shaped, and create a unique storage area out of it. Consider adding a few floating shelves, a hollow island for extra storage space, or even some concealed drawers in the baseboards of your cabinets.

AZ Cabinet Maker can also help you maximize the storage space inside your existing cabinets. Our designers can add pullouts, custom shelves, utensil organizers, and more, to help optimize what you have. If you are having trouble with storage space, contact our design team for direction and options!

When funds are tight but your kitchen needs a re-do, there are endless opportunities that cost very little but make a drastic impact! Whether you incorporate a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, different doors, extra storage, or some statement pieces, you have the ability to add pieces of your personality into the design.

At AZ Cabinet Maker, our commitment is to help you get excited about your kitchen, and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results! Whether you need help picking out hardware or paint colors, or simply want a fresh perspective, our designers are here to help. We have over 20 years of experience and knowledge in custom cabinet designs, and creative ways to spice up any kitchen space. To learn more about our services and affordable prices, contact AZ Cabinet Maker today!

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