Refinishing vs. Replacing Your Corian Countertops to Match Your Semi-Custom Cabinets

Corian countertops provide a beautiful and strong finish that will elevate the look of your kitchen and make it easier to do all the things you want to do without worrying about damage. Corian resists water damage and scratching, but it is not impervious to wear and tear. You can lightly scratch and mar Corian over time, leading to a duller finish and a worse look.

When your Corian countertops start looking like they need a refresh, you have two options: Refinishing them or replace them. If you have semi-custom cabinets, you need to think more carefully about what you do so you can protect the investment you have made. Here are some things to consider when deciding between refinishing or replacing your Corian countertops to match your semi-custom cabinets:

Corian Countertop


You chose your semi-custom cabinets specifically to create the design scheme you want for your kitchen. Therefore, you should choose your countertops with the same care. You may have built your cabinets around your countertops. If that is the case, you can simply refinish the countertops and maintain the same look. However, if you delayed replacing your countertops or you’ve decided that you’re no longer happy with the look, you should replace them.

Corian offers a number of style options for you to get the look you want. If you are interested in options besides Corian, you open up a number of other colors and styles, as well.


Refinishing a Corian countertop is going to cost much less than replacing the countertop. When you have a countertop replaced, you have to get a contractor to take out the old countertop first, which can be quite a job depending on the layout of your kitchen. You may have to go through walls or widen doorways, or you may have to remove appliances or demolish the countertop right in the kitchen. The more complicated the job, the more it will cost.

Corian countertop repair doesn’t require any such intensive work. The contractor will only need to bring in the tools to repair the surface. The job will cost far less.


By the time you decide to do something about aging countertops, you’re typically in a rush to get them done as soon as possible. Corian countertop refinishing takes far less time than replacing a Corian countertop. Typically, the refinishing can be finished in less than a day. Replacing the countertop could take weeks, depending on the complexity of the job and how long it takes to get in things that have to be ordered.

When you choose Corian countertop refinishing, you can have your kitchen looking like you want as quickly as possible.


Corian is known for its affordability and relative durability. However, there are more durable options for countertops, including a variety of natural stones. If you want a more durable countertop, you may decide to replace the Corian. However, if you find that your Corian has served you well in your current lifestyle, you should opt to refinish the countertop.

Environmental Impact

Any time you choose a new product, you are contributing to the consumption of more natural resources. You are also using up petroleum to make the product or ship it. Even when you choose an eco-friendly option, you are making a negative impact on the environment.

By choosing to refinish your Corian, you are reducing that impact. You are extending the life of your countertops so that you do not need to consume new products. You can feel good knowing that your home is reducing its overall environmental impact when you choose refinishing over replacing.

Make sure your kitchen looks the best it can by keeping your countertops and cabinets looking great. When your Corian starts to look dull or marred, contact the professionals to refinish it and make it look like new again. If you want to update your look, consider replacing the Corian to get a new color or style.

While you’re renovating your cabinets, you may want to replace or refinish your countertops to get the complete look. AZ Countertops can help. We specialize in Corian repair and refinishing, and we can replace your countertop, as well. We’ll help you get beautiful new countertops to go with your new cabinets, help you to transform your kitchen. Call us today to talk with a specialist and learn more.

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