A design feature not often considered by homeowners and cabinet builders is built-in cabinets. Not only do they offer great visual appeal with their sleek design, but they provide fantastic storage options. Built-in cabinets, especially ones crafted by a Chandler custom cabinet designer, are practical in many ways because they can be created for a precise fit in your space, provide an area for décor (out of reach of pets or small children!), and allow for plenty of storage hideouts for all sorts of items.

However, the best part about built-in cabinets from a Chandler cabinet maker is that they can be 100% customized to fit you and your lifestyle. You have the freedom to choose size, shape, color, design, layout, and more. You get to decide if they are closed doors, glass doors, or no doors at all. A reputable Chandler cabinet contractor such as AZ Cabinet maker will work with you to help design the best built-in design for your home, and will incorporate all your preferences to ensure you are fully satisfied with your custom built cabinets. Read ahead to learn more about the benefits of a built-in cabinet system and why they may be right for you.

Cabinet System.


Custom built-in cabinets are completely multi-functional, and the beauty is that you can choose when to change the functions. As mentioned above, when you design your built-ins with a Chandler custom cabinet company, you get to pick whether you want closed doors or open shelving. Both have their pros and cons, so sometimes a mix of both is the best. It really all just depends on the space you are working with to improve. When you choose closed cabinets, all your technology cords and devices can be hidden away from view, which contributes to an overall clean appearance and feel in your room. However, with open shelves you can display pictures, sentimental items, or fragile décor, without worrying that it will be knocked over or bumped.

Maximize Space

Built-in cabinets are a fabulous option for small homes or apartments. Not only are they multi-purpose for all types of storage, but they can be used for clothing, books, sheets, towels, or other items in very small areas such as a bedroom or bathroom. They allow for extra storage in a spot where adding a full stock cabinet would just take up too much room and look cluttered.

Visual Appeal

Sometimes, built-in cabinets are not a necessity but simply an extra luxury to display special items. Perhaps you want a space that can be easily personalized or have its décor quickly changed to accommodate a new holiday. Maybe you want to show off your DVD collection, display your houseplants, or arrange your vast array of books. Or perhaps you are the type to have a multitude of pictures featuring family, friends, and pets. Whatever it is, special cubbies created by a Chandler custom cabinet builder provide the perfect spot for anything you want to display to visitors in your home.

Less Wasted Space

Another practical feature of custom built-in cabinets is that they can be created to perfectly fit in the space you have, whereas stock cabinets are a certain size that simply cannot be changed or manipulated. A reputable Chandler cabinet contractor will come to your home, measure your space, discuss your design preferences, and create cabinets to precisely fit your needs. No more wasted space, gaps, or unsightly cabinet units that do not fit correctly. This feature is especially helpful in laundry rooms or kitchens where homeowners typically need multiple cabinets, and want to hide things away that guests do not need to see. Sometimes these two rooms in your home contain appliances that are sized differently than normal, creating the need for custom-sized cabinets and built-ins, in order to keep the room from looking awkward or unusual.

Organizational Dream

Built-in cabinets can make your dream closet a reality. If you own large amounts of clothing, shoes, or accessories, a built-in system could be the perfect choice for you. Each shelf and cabinet can be customized to the exact size necessary to make organization easy. All your items can be easily seen, without flipping through mountains of clothing or shoes to find the piece you want to wear.


A dining room is the perfect place for a built-in storage cabinet. Not only does it leave ample room for foot traffic or multiple chairs for large parties, but it also creates space to display your special china, coffee mugs, or favorite Christmas dishes. Combine those open display shelves with a few drawers and closed cabinets, and you have a beautiful storage area perfect for all your extra silverware, festive holiday tablecloths and candles, and cloth napkins that only get used on very special occasions.

Two in One

Lastly, consider adding multiple built-in systems in a single room. It may help tie the room together overall, create even more incredible storage space if needed, and still keep the appearance of the room clean and sleek.

As shown, there are so many amazing benefits to installing built-in cabinets throughout your home. AZ Cabinet Maker designs and installs fully custom built-in cabinet systems to help improve the space in your home, and add a unique flair to each room. Our contractors are certified and trained in all aspects of the cabinet-design process to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the end result. While the initial investment may seem like a lot at first, all the extra storage space and beautiful visual appeal is 100% worth it in the long run. If you are considering built-ins for your home, contact AZ Cabinet Maker today to sit down with a design specialist and start planning your dream cabinets.

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