Think About These 4 Factors Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

While painting your Arizona’s custom kitchen cabinets may seem like an easier and more cost-effective way to change up your kitchen and give a new look, it surprisingly may not have as many benefits as you think. Typically, people love the idea of simply painting something to freshen it up (which is not a bad thing!), but it is worth looking at the overall hassle and actual labor-intensive aspects of it before tackling the project. Here we bring up four factors to consider before jumping into a new paint color and getting in over your head.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cost and Labor

Consider first of all the amount of time you will put into the paint project, and decide whether or not you actually have the extra time on your hands to take on such a big investment. Painting sounds glamorous but in real life, it is a time-consuming, often frustrating job that people tend to regret halfway through. Though it may seem more cost-effective than a brand new cabinet installation in Arizona, remember that your time is also worth money, plus you have the cost of all the paint needed for the job.

First, the prep work involves many small steps. You must remove all the cabinet doors and hardware (knobs, hinges, etc). Often, sanding is required to remove the old stain, grime, and buildup off all the doors plus cabinets. If the surface is not fully cleaned, the new paint will not properly adhere and will cause even further headache for you.

After the removing and the cleaning, the paint needs to be applied. Remember that it must be a high quality paint (a further investment) in order to withstand the daily wear and tear of being in the kitchen. The first coat is primer, then two coats of paint, and possibly a third depending on how the remnants of the original surface color plus the new paint color mesh together. Some people have recommended using a paint sprayer instead of a brush to achieve a more even look, but this causes more work for you since you must carefully seal off the kitchen from the rest of the house to avoid getting paint in unwanted areas.

Lastly, everything needs to be put back together properly. All the hinges must go back in the same spots, and the doorknobs need to be perfectly aligned. This requires time, effort, and concentration. Keep in mind that throughout this entire process, you will not really be able to use your kitchen for cooking!

The Drawbacks

Painting may or may not be the right solution for you. Consider carefully what the root issue is with your custom cabinets around Arizona. Is it the setup? The layout? The amount? Are they hung slightly crooked? Are they just plain old and falling apart? There is no point in investing a large amount of your precious time and effort into a painting job if it will not fix the actual problem. Maybe you just don’t love how the cabinets look, or you need pantry space. Whatever the reason, make certain that painting will be the actual solution and not just a cover-up for the root problem. Otherwise you may regret that investment in the near future.

The Color

Sometimes you want to paint your kitchen cabinets just to achieve a different color scheme in your house. Maybe you switched up your whole style and need a different look in the kitchen. This is completely normal and totally okay! The important thing is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your new color choice before purchasing all the necessary paint and applying it to your cabinets. Otherwise you could end up with a shade nowhere near what you thought you were getting or thought you wanted, and will have to start completely over. Consider using a color-applying app or working with a color-matching company to be certain you have the best color choice before diving into your project.

Painting vs. Replacing

As alluded to above, make certain that your paint project will be the actual solution you are searching for in your kitchen. If your issue with your Arizona’s cabinets is related to something other than their outward appearance, consider just making the investment into new cabinets. Remember that with a new cabinet installation, you can redo the layout, design, storage space, number of cabinets, and color. You get to add any new amenities you want, such as pullout shelves, slotted drawers, and a specialized trash can cabinet. Though the cost of new cabinets does add up, weigh that against the costs of painting (financial or otherwise), and be certain to choose what will be best for you and your family.

If painting truly is the answer, then more power to you! Go for it and do not be encumbered by any of the possible hassles mentioned here. Otherwise, consider working with cabinet installation professionals such as AZ Cabinet Maker for expert help throughout the design and installation process, from start to finish.

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