Timeless Custom Cabinet Design Trends Of 2021

AZ Cabinet Makers Share The Best Custom Cabinet Designs

Kitchen cabinetry is not just for convenient storage; it is an essential part of your kitchen’s style. Beautifully designed custom cabinets pull everything in your kitchen together and serve as a centerpiece for the heart of your home. While kitchen cabinet design has not changed significantly in the last several years compared to other kitchen features, there are still some new trends to consider when you work with a custom cabinet company.

Above everything else, modern kitchen design focuses on simplicity and minimalism, although you will also see some bold colors and designs. Some consumers prefer a very streamlined, simple look, while others desire unique customized styles that make a colorful statement about themselves. Here is a quick overview of some custom cabinet design trends of 2021 seen by Chandler cabinet makers.

AZ Cabinet Makers Share The Best Custom Cabinet Designs In Chandler

Single Bowl Sink

Spacious countertops meet spacious sinks in today’s modern kitchens. It’s common for clients to ask their Chandler cabinet contractors to include a large single bowl sink rather than a double bowl sink. In particular, the farmhouse design with its apron front is extremely popular, allowing for a deep basin that will hold many dirty dishes out of sight. It’s also large enough to easily accommodate pots, cookie sheets, and woks. Another trend is a prep sink, which is a small single basin sink, in another area of the kitchen. This enables two people to work at the same time and offers a convenient place for washing produce or draining pasta while the main sink is used for dishes. Along with a single bowl sink, unique faucet designs are being used to customize kitchens and create a unique focal point.

Storage For Smart Tech

Inevitably, technology has found its way into the kitchen. Since so many people have become inseparable from their phones and tablets, Chandler custom cabinet designers have shifted to meet these needs. At the most basic level, kitchen cabinetry needs a charging station. People who use their tablet or phone for recipes may want to consider installing a docking station to protect their devices. You can even have wireless devices such as speakers, televisions, or a tablet built right into the cabinets.

Integrated Kitchen Appliances

With a streamlined finish being all the rage in 2021, many people are requesting that their cabinet maker integrate their appliances, especially dishwashers and refrigerators, into the surrounding cabinetry. In many cases, appliances can be fitted with custom panels that match the cabinets and hide their original appearance. When this is done, the kitchen showcases an uninterrupted design style and cohesion that uplifts the entire aesthetic.

Cabinetry With Flair

While many people are trending toward smooth, minimalist appearances in their kitchens, others are looking to add “extras” and statements into their kitchens, especially as many homes become very open concept with the kitchen viewable from all of the main living spaces. Even if cabinets are designed all white, the edges and hardware stand out to create a furniture-like showpiece. Chandler cabinet builders can transform a regular pantry cabinet into a piece reminiscent of a hutch or armoire. Specialty cabinet doors, custom lighting, and even decorative toekicks are both classic and trendy, and make an impressive kitchen design statement. A coffee bar, dry bar, or messaging center in your kitchen are popular custom options that truly personalize the heart of your home.

Different Color Finishes

Modern homeowners don’t want boring cabinetry or cookie-cutter designs. Instead, they want something unique that makes a bold statement about who they are. Color is one of the most cost effective ways to do this. A distinctive color on the cabinetry will make all the difference in separating your kitchen from all the others in your neighborhood. Even bulk manufacturers are offering a wide variety of cabinet colors, although they cannot compete with the options available through a custom cabinet designer.

As you design your kitchen, consider a custom color for your cabinetry. One popular color trend is using a neutral color for the main cabinetry and a brighter color for the island. Neutral colors such as gray or white are most popular right now and will give your kitchen a soft, simple, bright look. Medium tones such as shades of blue or yellow are also widely used for their timeless style. However, many people are selecting a much darker color palette, such as emerald, navy, and even black, to give an appearance of allure and luxury. Your Chandler cabinet maker can help you select the color that will give the best personality to your custom kitchen.

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