Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets: Are They Right for You?

Kitchen cabinet trends are constantly changing. Some years, all white is on point, while at other times, brightly colored hues are popular. Chandler cabinet builders are reporting that two-tone cabinets have become the newest design trend over the last several years, and actually have a timeless flair to them. They are a happy medium between plain white and glaring color, and provide an air of comfort and neutrality to your cooking space.

While cabinet colors and designs are always evolving, it is important to find something that fits your personal style and works well for your home. At AZ Cabinet Maker, a reliable and experienced Chandler custom cabinet company, our design experts can help you determine if two-tone kitchen cabinets are the right choice for you. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets: Are They Right for You?


One of the best parts about the two-tone cabinet trend is the endless possibilities. You can play around with different colors without having to commit 100% to any of them. Choose a few complementary neutrals to pair together, or add a bright splash of color to the island. Remember that appliances can bring in a splash of color or neutrality, depending which you prefer.

The most important aspect about choosing colors is finding a good balance. Any reputable Chandler custom cabinet designer will be able to help you do just that, considering their specialty is making colors and patterns work together. Rather than starting with two completely opposite colors, pick a few colors of the same tone, such as a light blue and dark blue. Paint the lower set of cabinets the darker color, and the upper set lighter. If you really have your heart set on bright and distinct hues, try to choose just one. Remember that strong and vibrant colors naturally demand more visual energy and need to be paired with a neutral hue to help calm the brain. Otherwise, cooking and spending time in the kitchen with intense colors will cause mental exhaustion rather than promote a tranquil, calming space.


Any knowledgeable Chandler cabinet maker will agree that if you are uncertain about choosing two-tone cabinets, it can be a very subtle difference. You can easily choose two very neutral colors, such as white and light gray, that are different enough to be noticed, but similar enough to be subtle. Pick a small area such as a short wall of cabinets or part of the island, and use that space to test your color variation. Or, paint only the trim or crown molding in a slightly darker tone, just enough to add a distinctive border in a kitchen with higher ceilings.


Sometimes choosing colors can be simply too overwhelming. If that is the case for you, try thinking of it differently by choosing a secondary material that is complimentary to the primary color. For example, consider pairing blonde-colored wood with white painted cabinets for a natural, calming look. This will offer contrast without being visually overwhelming. If you are uncertain what pairs together well, consult with your knowledgeable Chandler custom cabinet builder. They have plenty of experience and expertise and can offer you many options to consider.


White is a beautiful option to use as a neutral hue in a kitchen with a lot of variety. For example, if you have cabinets that are black, and appliances that are a gray stainless steel, choose white for your third complementary color. It will help brighten the room, balance the darker colors, and bring a restful, inviting feel to your kitchen.

Color Wheel

Lastly, it is always important to reference the color wheel when choosing hues for your kitchen cabinets. Your Chandler cabinet contractor will always have one of these available for you to look at when designing your new cabinets. If you have decided that the two-tone look is definitely right for you, but are uncertain where to start, use the color wheel. It helps you visualize or get new ideas about which colors are complementary, how to pair neutrals, as well as see which combinations are a definite no.

AZ Cabinet Maker has years of experience designing custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets for homes. Our skilled craftsmen are committed to excellence, and always ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your design choices. Whatever your cabinet color preference, our designers at AZ Cabinet Maker stay educated and up to date on the latest trends and techniques, in order to best serve you. For any questions about colors, two-tone cabinets, and our custom designs, consult with a design expert today to discuss what is right for you and your kitchen.

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