5 Important Questions To Ask Your Custom Cabinet Maker Before Installation

Everything You Should Know If You’re Planning To Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinet

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen cabinets with a Glendale custom cabinet builder, you probably expect someone with vast experience in what they do. 

An experienced cabinet builder will help you achieve the best results and enjoy the experience so you can feel comfortable with your decisions and obtain a high-quality cabinet. 

While installing the cabinet, you may have many questions about the process. That’s not for less since you want to ensure your cabinet installation will be done professionally with an experienced builder. 

But, what are the most important questions you should ask before the installation? What information can you get from the cabinet builder to ensure everything will be alright? 

Since this is a big commitment you are about to start, we decided to give you the top 5 questions you should ask your custom cabinet maker before starting the installation.

Everything You Should Know If You're Planning To Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinet in Arizona

How Will The Cabinets Be Assembled?

Cabinet makers usually glue high-quality cabinets to ensure great results. They are also pocket screwed to strengthen the surface. Keep in mind that there should be pocket screws for face frames too.

Newer technologies allow cabinets to use other methods like the Blind Dado structure. This way, it offers more strength and durability. 

Nonetheless, know that your Fountain Hills custom cabinet builder may prefer to reduce costs by adhering the face frame to the side panels. Some cabinetmakers do this by nailing them in place. A better alternative is to use the proper attachment methods for woodworking materials. 

Do not be afraid to ask the cabinet maker about the attachment method because it is the best way to ensure good work. 

Are They Made Of Particle Board Or Hardwood Plywood?

Always check with your cabinet maker or designer the pros and cons of cabinet door materials, and choose the best option for you. 

The two most common materials used for cabinets are particle board and hardwood plywood.

The particle board is not strong. Plus, it does not offer an evenly finish. Some cabinetmakers design the exterior of cabinets with a mix of melamine and wood components. The issue with this technique is that your kitchen will have two different colors.

You should choose solid plywood for the boxes, even if the price is higher.

Will The Cabinets Have A Back Panel?

It’s easy to overlook details when purchasing kitchen cabinets. The excitement of something is so high that you forget about features like back panels.

Have you thought about that? Your Anthem custom cabinet builder may reduce costs with the cabinets by eliminating the back panel. If they don’t install a back panel, you will see the wall each time you open the door.

If that’s not what you like, make sure the cabinetmaker is installing the back panel. Don’t forget to mention this feature when preparing the project. 

How Can They Be Adjusted & How Thick Can They Be?

The thickness of your shelves is another important aspect. If the shelves in your cabinets are 5/8th of an inch thick, they may bow over time. Therefore, you should opt for a thicker option so they can last longer.

If you can’t install new shelves, it will limit your organization with the contents inside your cabinets. In other words, shelves are crucial when for a cabinet, so make sure to have the right ones for your project. 

What Materials Will Be Used For The Drawers?

Cabinetmakers may also attempt to cut costs by building drawers with particle board or softwood. These materials are weak, and the pining method used may cause serious issues over time. You have to insist on stronger materials to obtain resistant drawers. 

Your Arrowhead custom cabinet builder may recommend solid wood slides and dovetailed drawers. They are the standard when looking for durability and strength. 

Contacting A Trusted Chandler Custom Cabinet Maker For Your Project

These are only some questions to consider when getting ready for the big project, but you are free to ask more. You can ask other things like what hardware they use and what style will be used for the doors. There’s no limit, ask for anything you like because you are paying for it.

At AZ Cabinet Maker we take our job seriously, and we are ready to offer you the strongest materials to create excellent cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. Contact us now to get your project started. 

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