5 Tips To Get Ready For Your Cabinet Installation

Aspects To Consider Before Installing a Cabinet For Your House In Arizona

A cabinet installation is a big project — it means your renovation is almost ready, and everything is finally starting to come together! To prepare for this, you must take steps to ensure the cabinet installation goes smoothly without any issues.

Cabinets are what make your home functional. When working with a custom cabinet designer in Arrowhead, you must be clear about every detail you want.

We have created this brief guide to help you with all this information and prepare you for your cabinet installation.

Custom cabinet in a house in Arizona

Get Your Walls & Floors Ready By Removing Everything Possible

You have to remove everything you can to open up the space so you, the people working on the installation, and the cabinets fit in. Remove all your appliances, dishes, empty drawers, and any remaining item, including cupboards. You should also remove elements from the walls.

You can take advantage of this cleaning task and eliminate any clutter and junk you won’t use anymore. If you are renovating your house, consider selling or donating old stuff.

Pack all the things you removed and move them out of the room. Remember that you will need all the room space available. Feel free to set up a temporary kitchen in another room to prepare food while the renovation is on.

Don’t forget to sweep and vacuum the area when removing things. This will ensure no stray pieces of wood can throw off the balance of the cabinets.

Check Your Floors Before The Installation

Make sure the flooring is finished before the Anthem custom cabinet builder starts working.  You should always check your flooring before installing cabinets and replacing the appliances

Most kitchen floors require cabinets to be installed on the finished product. Therefore, you should plan with your flooring contractor to go to your house before cabinet installation.

There is one exception though, and that’s with laminate floating floors. You have to install this type of flooring after cabinets are in.

You should also cover the freshly installed surface with a protective drop sheet. You don’t want your brand-new cabinets to scratch or break your new flooring!

You should take care of these things before installing the cabinets because once they are installed, you won’t be able to do anything with the flooring.

Check Your Walls As Well

Another thing you should check is your walls. There may be holes or damage once you take out the old cabinets, so drywall and repair them if necessary. You can contact an expert to make sure your walls are as smooth and clean as possible while the cabinet is being installed.

Have your walls ready before installing the cabinet. Like your floors, the walls can have discolored paint or patches. Clean or repaint them before the Fountain Hills custom cabinet builder starts the work.

Even if you think the new cabinets will cover faded spots, fix them first. You don’t know if a patch of the wall will ruin the entire look of your new kitchen.

Finish Your Preparation With Electrics & Plumbing

Make sure you can access your outlets and plug-ins because you may have to replace some to prepare your new cabinets.

You have to see if all the basic work for electricity and plumbing is not disrupting the cabinet installation. See if there are some electricity cables you have to change, or if there are other issues like old lighting or damaged outlets.

While checking the electricity, also check the plumbing. See if there are no signs of old pipes, leaky spots, or damage. It’s not difficult to check these jobs before installing the cabinets. If you need help, you can always contact a trusted plumber.

Work With a Top-Rated Chandler Custom Cabinet Builder

Our last tip is to remind you to work with a Glendale custom cabinet builder to obtain a high-quality product. The last thing you want is a poorly made cabinet ruining your kitchen. With a professionally-made cabinet, your kitchen and your home will breathe new life.

Being prepared for the installation is key to ensuring the new cabinets will go as well as possible. But, contacting a professional is necessary to receive the best results for your house. You don’t want to find something unfinished and delay the installation, so be sure to do your part and also contact experts for the job.

If you are looking for custom cabinets in Arizona, search no more! At AZ Cabinet Maker we are ready to help. Contact us now to get started!

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