6 Indications That a Kitchen Cabinet Overhaul Is In Order

Why Custom Cabinets Are Ideal For Your Kitchen Remodel

For many families, the kitchen is the favorite room in the house. Second to sleeping in our bedrooms, we spend most of our time in our kitchens – cooking, talking, cleaning, and living life. Since a kitchen is often the most used room in most homes, it feels good to keep it clean and in top condition. No wonder kitchen remodels are so popular!

In some cases, you can get away with painting or refinishing your existing kitchen cabinets, but other times, they are just plain worn out and need to be replaced. Whether you want to spruce up your existing cabinets or replace everything in your kitchen, check out these 6 indications from your Chandler custom cabinet builder that your kitchen might be ready for a cabinet overhaul.

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Indication #1: Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Falling Apart

If your kitchen cabinets are in rough shape, with doors that keep falling off, broken shelving, or drawers that no longer slide, they should be removed and replaced. In a really severe situation, your cabinets may even be pulling away from the wall. This is not only unattractive, but also potentially dangerous. Kitchen cabinets in this kind of condition are probably not worth refinishing. If they were made with cheap materials or are very old, they probably cannot be salvaged with a new coat of paint. Weak cabinets may not even be able to handle a new drawer front, which may actually be too heavy and cause them to break completely.

Indication #2: Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Terrible

If your kitchen cabinets are covered with fingerprint stains, have chipped paint or broken corners, are cracking, or look faded, they are probably ready to be replaced. It’s common for kitchen cabinets to suffer after years of use. Once the drawers no longer work and the wood is stripped, you probably won’t get good results from patching them up, even though it’s tempting to make smaller repairs and hope they will last a while longer. It’s better to remove the cabinets and replace them with something beautiful from your Anthem custom cabinet company.

Indication #3: You Smell a Funny Odor From Your Cabinets

Once odors seep into wood, it can be almost impossible to remove them. Odors can be the result of mold and mildew growth in your home, spilled foods that weren’t completely cleaned up, or even from pests that have made a nest in your wall. Although mold is probably the worst thing that can happen to your cabinets and is also the hardest to remove, any odor can be really bothersome. If your cabinets have absorbed an unpleasant odor, it has probably seeped into everything porous in your kitchen and is time for replacement.

Indication #4: Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Metal

Metal cabinets may have been lovely when they were first installed, but after years of use, they start to look awful from all of the dings, dents, and scratches. Since they can’t be covered like wood cabinets can, they probably look dull and tired and worn out. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to improve the appearance of metal cabinets, so your best bet is to replace them with something from your Chandler cabinet maker that is designed to last.

Indication #5: You Are Changing The Layout Of Your Home Or Kitchen

If you are making major changes to your home kitchen, such as adding a desk or four season porch, taking out a wall, or moving the refrigerator, it’s likely that you will need to rip out your kitchen cabinets anyway and install something that will fit better into your new layout. It would be disappointing to try to fit old cabinets into a new and beautiful space and find out that they don’t fit or don’t look nice.

When you’re customizing the rest of your home or kitchen, you’ll want to add custom made cabinets from your Chandler custom cabinet designer so that your entire remodel looks amazing and well planned. Standard cabinets are not likely to fit the way you want them to, and won’t last very long either. The best solution is custom designed cabinets that will fit perfectly into your home and last a lifetime. They’ll be the star of the show!

Indication #6: You Are Getting New Kitchen Appliances

Most of the time, replacing appliances means making a few adjustments to your kitchen, especially if your appliances are older. The sizing between old and new appliances may be very different. Plus, installing bright new appliances next to old, worn out cabinets can look terrible. Consider custom cabinets if you’re replacing any of your kitchen appliances.

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