How To Maintain Your New Custom Kitchen Cabinets In Arizona

Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Brand New Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Newly installed cabinets in your custom designed kitchen is an exciting time! Your kitchen is filled with a sense of new life and freshness. When your new custom kitchen cabinets and countertops are installed, you’ll have the motivation to keep them looking brand new and nice for as long as you possibly can.

Probably more than any other feature in your kitchen, cabinets take a beating. They are banged open and closed, touched with grimy hands, and become splattered with grease and spilled food. Homeowners who aren’t careful with maintenance will be disappointed to discover that their beautiful new cabinets begin to look worn much sooner than they hoped.

The great news is that carefully maintaining your new cabinets from your Anthem custom cabinet designer by keeping them clean extends their lives and helps them stay looking new. So how do you keep your new custom kitchen cabinets clean?

Maintain Your Newly Installed Custom Kitchen Cabinets In AZ

Immediately After Installation

Once your new custom cabinets have been professionally installed and the contractors have finished their job, take some time to wipe them down both inside and out. Use a clean, damp cloth that won’t scratch the surface, such as a cotton or microfiber cloth. Carefully remove any dust, smudges, or sawdust that may have accumulated during the installation process. Make sure your cloth is well wrung out so that excess water doesn’t sit on the cabinets. Gently dry off the extra moisture to help reduce streaking and protect the finish of your new custom cabinets from your Arrowhead custom cabinet maker.

Regular Maintenance Instructions

The best and easiest way to keep your custom cabinets looking new is to clean up your kitchen after each meal. A quick daily wipe down of any obvious food stains can go a long way in keeping your kitchen looking great as well as making deeper cleaning easier. If you’ve had an especially busy day in the kitchen, it’s usually a good idea to quickly wipe down the fronts and sides of your cabinets. The activities of baking, chopping, stirring, and grating can cause small food particles to fly everywhere. If left to dry, those particles will harden, leaving your cabinets looking dirty and unkempt. Some foods can even stain the finish of your cabinets.

Every couple of weeks, give your custom cabinets a more thorough cleaning. Use a soft, damp cloth to remove stains and grease build up. Mild dish soap with warm water will effectively remove almost any dried food or other debris. Always avoid strong soaps and harsh chemicals, and never use scouring pads or wire brushes to clean your cabinets! Bleach, ammonia, solvents, hard plastic brushes, steel wool, scouring pads, and waxes will damage the finish from your Chandler custom cabinet company, making your cabinets look worn down. 

Other Maintenance Considerations

Avoid excessive moisture in your kitchen by maintaining humidity control in your home and using a fan when boiling water or doing other cooking that produces steam. Too much moisture in your home’s air can weaken and eventually rot the wood of your cabinets. Your Glendale custom cabinet builder will probably also help you design your kitchen in a way that prevents harsh sunlight from shining directly on your cabinet. This can bleach the finish and even warp the wood if the temperature consistently becomes too hot.

If you eventually find nicks and scratches in your custom cabinets, consider purchasing a touch up kit. Your Peoria cabinet contractor can recommend one to match the stain or finish that was used in your cabinetry.

Finally, be careful to avoid slamming your cabinet doors. Although most cabinets are designed with soft close features, they can still be slammed, which can damage the hardware and even crack the doors. Never lean on open cabinet doors or use lower cabinets to help yourself reach into upper cabinets. Use your hands, not your feet, to close lower cabinets whenever possible because scuff marks and scratches will make your kitchen look old and worn out.

With a little bit of maintenance, your beautiful custom cabinetry will stay looking bright and fresh for a long time!

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