How To Maximize Your Basement Storage With Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinet Ideas: Recommendations To Maximize Your Storage

A basement can be a great space to entertain guests, hold household items and serve as an extension of your living room. But with so many projects crammed into a small room, it can be difficult to keep it clean, organized, and clutter-free. 

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide on how you can maximize your basement storage with custom cabinets.

Before calling a Glendale cabinet contractor, we recommend you check below these storage cabinet ideas. It will help you save a lot of effort over time!

Glendale cabinet contractor maximizing storage in Arizona

Try Open Storage Options

Cabinets with doors hide clutter, but open storage can improve the appearance and feel of your basement. It is an excellent choice to keep or display heirlooms or often used things, such as cleaning supplies or small appliances. 

A combination of open and closed shelving and cabinetry may be the ideal compromise.

Opt For Sturdy Open Shelving

Invest in some sturdy shelving to keep your items off the ground. Choose ventilated, open shelf made of robust plastic or metal (avoid wooden units because any dampness might lurk in your basement, causing severe damage).

Box anything you place on the shelf as well; our first preference would be airtight, waterproof, clear containers. 

Create A Home Office Area

It’s easy to convert a basement room or storage area into a home office. You only need a desk, a cozy chair, filing or bookshelves, and decent lighting. Consider using bookcases as room dividers if your basement office and downstairs living area will share space.

If you have doubts about bookshelves or cabinet dividers, feel free to contact your Fountain Hills cabinet maker to get professional advice.

Use Wall-To-Wall Storage

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of stuff to store, all in different shapes and sizes. By designing a wall-to-wall cabinetry arrangement, you may create a continuous appearance in your basement. 

Instead of using the same boxes repeatedly from beginning to end, this strategy frequently works best when you use a variety of cabinets in various forms and sizes to match your demands. However, a little symmetry will offer the project balance and visual appeal.

Use The Space Under Your Stairs

Because of its peculiar design, the space under the stairs is frequently wasted, but you may transform it into a lovely and useful storage choice. To make the most of every square inch, stair-step a set of cabinets, drawers, or both.

It’s an excellent place to keep small items or miscellaneous stuff that can’t be grouped with other things.

Create An Indoor Entertainment Center

Building a personalized built-in entertainment center is among the most popular basement storage cabinet ideas. It’s an excellent idea for watching movies, TV, and gaming because it has less natural light and superior soundproofing so that you can crank up the volume. 

You can design your cabinetry with a professional Anthem cabinet maker to resemble a traditional entertainment center. Nobody needs to know that your new entertainment center also serves as a storage space for your winter clothing or sporting goods.

Create The Ultimate Fan Area

Do you enjoy watching your favorite team on television? Make use of these as basement inspiration! Create a fantastic game-day atmosphere by positioning chairs around a TV or projector. Don’t forget to include team jerseys, flags, blankets, and other memorabilia in your decorations!

Improve Your Basement Design

After you decide on the use of your basement, you can start the design and decor plans. Use the following design tips to make your new living area feel complete.

Opt For Light Walls

A splash of color can make even the smallest, darkest basements feel bigger and brighter! Use light-reflecting neutral paint colors like white, beige, and gray to elongate the area. Choose more vibrant hues like yellows, oranges, and blues to liven up a boring basement area.

Don’t Forget Your Flooring Design

Many basement flooring options look fantastic in your room! Flooring alternatives include rubber, laminate, and ceramic tile, to name a few. You can also choose vinyl or carpet tiles as they are simple to install. You can ask your Fountain Hills cabinet maker for other flooring ideas that could complement your cabinet design. 

Use Rugs

If changing the flooring in your basement is out of your price range, a few area rugs can add some color and warmth. In an unfinished basement, area rugs are a great way to separate the living and entertainment areas.

Take Advantage Of Multi-Use Furniture

Make sure to include comfy yet practical furniture when planning the décor for your basement. Pull-out couches and futons may be used for both lounging and as guest beds, and a table with concealed storage is ideal for hiding blankets, pillows, or toys.

Find A Top-Rated Arizona Cabinet Maker For Your Project

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