Incorporating Custom Cabinetry To Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Why Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets Is Better Than a Complete Replacement

Upgrading your kitchen is both exciting and overwhelming! It can be a challenge to balance what you want with the limitations of your budget, so many homeowners consider adding on to their existing cabinets instead of purchasing a complete replacement. While this can give you beautiful and affordable results, you’ll want to carefully plan and consider before moving forward. 

Not every kitchen remodel requires a full overhaul. Maybe you love the look of your existing kitchen but need more storage space. Or you love the layout but want to add some fresh style. Whatever your goal, it’s possible to add in some new cabinets without completely starting from scratch. Consider these points as you incorporate cabinets from your Chandler custom cabinet company!

Beautiful Remodeled Kitchen Cabinets

Consider Your Existing Cabinets

You want your additions to work well with the cabinets you already have. Some upgrades may require extra attention or just won’t work with your existing layout, so careful planning is required. You’ll want to work with a Arrowhead cabinet maker who will examine your current condition, listen to your goals, and work with you to form an upgrade plan that will match your existing cabinets and fit your budget.

Think About Where The Cabinets Will Be Installed

Your personal preferences and budget will play a major role in how your final kitchen will look, but location may ultimately be the most important part of the picture. Kitchen cabinets that stand alone, such as an island or built-ins on a different wall in your kitchen, are usually the easiest to implement because they can be made with a different design and less concern with matching materials or finishes. However, standalone cabinets are not effortless. You’ll want to work with your Chandler custom cabinet builder to form a design that will contrast without clashing and fit your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

Why Do You Want To Add More Cabinets?

Homeowners commonly want to add more cabinets to a kitchen without really identifying the real reason why. Without a clear purpose for this addition, you are at risk of investing in upgrades that don’t improve your kitchen’s appearance or performance.
Before you add on to your existing cabinets, determine which features will be beneficial. New cabinets may expand storage space, provide additional counter space, or result in a better layout for hosting. But adding new cabinets to existing designs can be challenging, and sometimes an alternate solution works better to achieve your goals. This may include features such as an island, pantry, open shelving, updated appliances, or new accessories.

Other Considerations: Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics, Cabinet Hardware, Etc.

Don’t forget to consider other details that add to your kitchen’s aesthetic. If you want a uniform look, new countertops may be necessary. A mix and match style may work in some homes or where an eclectic style is desired. Each approach has benefits, but complete replacement can definitely add to the sophistication of your kitchen.
You’ll also want to consider cabinet hardware, a small change that can add a cohesive and updated look to the entire kitchen. Installing all new hardware is an inexpensive way to impact the whole room.

What You Should Consider To Fully Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinetry

In some cases, a full remodel may be the best solution. While this may be inconvenient and more expensive, in some situations it is the only real option. Circumstances that warrant a full kitchen remodel include:

  • Your Cabinets Are Damaged.

    After many years of use, your kitchen is probably ready for brand new cabinets; in some cases, replacement can be more cost effective than repair. Instead of spending a lot of money restoring something you don’t love, start fresh with a design that fits your personality and style.

  • Your Kitchen Was Built With Low Quality Cabinets.

    If you’re already frustrated by cheap cabinets that are ugly or don’t work well, adding new custom cabinets isn’t going to help. Take the opportunity to get rid of your worn out cabinetry and invest in something beautiful that will last a long time.

  • You Are Redesigning Your Kitchen’s Layout.

    Maybe your kitchen’s floor plan is outdated or no longer practical. If you’re considering an open-concept layout or another significant change, it’s likely that you’ll need to work with your Anthem cabinet contractor to build something that will save you frustration and make your final results look even more attractive.

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