Ways To Make Custom Storage Solutions Work For Small Spaces

5 Tips To Squeeze More Storage Out Of Small Spaces

Storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, from large walk-in closets to custom-built cabinets. Whether you want to maximize closet space or create a custom storage solution for your home office, we have written this article to help you get started.

Living in a small space is all the rage these days. People are becoming more interested in minimalism, preferring simpler lifestyles and smaller homes. However, small spaces require creative storage solutions, which can challenge any designer and homeowner.

When designing custom closets and storage solutions in Glendale, things like closet design software always help. However, not everyone knows how to use this specific software, so learning other tips can help.

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1. Custom-Made Closets Are Essential

Just because someone lives in a small space doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a beautiful custom closet. But how do you create one that effectively stores all of their clothes?

  • You can consider hanging rods with multiple levels
  • An assortment of rods, drawers, and open shelving
  • Adjustable and customizable shelves
  • Maximized vertical and horizontal spaces.
  • White finishes because they give the closet an open and airy appearance.

Custom-made closets help you take advantage of your space so you can use most of it with your belongings. This way, you don’t lose space in vain and you can look at everything clearly —forgetting cluttering once and for all! 

2. Don’t Forget Kitchen Storage

Small kitchens require as much extra storage space as possible. If you or your client enjoy cooking, you should consider unique storage solutions to make the most of the limited space.

Consider the following ideas:

  • Pantry drawers with slides
  • Open shelving or cabinets that extend to the ceiling
  • Full-extension drawer slides
  • Light and soft colors
  • Slim and modern island
  • Small and sophisticated appliances

Your  Fountain custom cabinet maker can also recommend you add storage space to your kitchen island. This way, you can place the extra plates and appliances you bought during your celery juice phase in the cabinets. Never again wonder where to put your holiday placemats!

3. Maximizing Bedroom Storage

Don’t worry if there’s a small bedroom! There are numerous custom storage solutions available to help you design that space and provide it with the extra storage you require.

Consider these ideas to maximize your bedroom space:

  • Open shelving above the headboard
  • Custom cabinetry surrounding the bed
  • Built-in storage compartments
  • Drawer-equipped bed
  • A loft bed

Another thing that can help you improve your bedroom storage –and any area in your house– is baskets. Yes, baskets! They truly are unparalleled. 

They are the best way to tuck away anything you don’t want your guests to see. Finish your basket with a throw, and no one will ever know that it contains all of your takeout menus or used socks.

4. Home Office Area

In general, small homes lack a dedicated room for a home office. But that shouldn’t stop you from designing an efficient home office area with a trusted Anthem custom cabinet maker. This area can blend in with the rest of the space in an unused corner (even the closet can work!).

Just consider the following:

  • A neutral color scheme
  • Avoid chunky furniture! Opt for a small table or desk
  • Comfortable chairs are a must!
  • Floating shelves
  • Integrated storage

Let’s not forget about fold-down desks! Making room for a full-size desk in many small rooms would be insane. But you don’t want to work or study 6 hours or more in bed, so either tuck a stool under a console table or find a fold-down desk that you can attach to the wall.

You can also use all of your nooks to increase storage space. Include a small desk area that meets all of your work-from-home needs, or simply add some extra seating with an armchair.

5. Smart Bathroom Storage

A small bathroom doesn’t always imply that there isn’t any storage. When designing a small bathroom, you must think vertically.

Consider these ideas:

  • Increasing vertical space
  • Vertical cabinetry
  • Open shelves above the toilet
  • A small storage closet
  • Vibrant colors 

You can always research helpful add-ons to improve your bathroom’s storage. These add-ons can complement any storage idea you have, and you can even ask your Phoenix custom cabinet maker for some recommendations.

Smart-designed products can solve many storage problems, and many of them work wonders in small spaces to keep clutter at bay. 

Look for single-storage items that can assist you in finding areas for items that are used daily but can easily live out of the way. Hairdryer holders that fit inside cabinet doors and specialized clothes bins are just a few examples.

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