What Are The Latest Top Trends In Kitchen Cabinetry Design?

Latest Design Trends That Will Enhance The Look Of Your Kitchen

Like any other feature in homes, kitchen cabinet design has seen rapidly changing trends in recent years. The most popular trends of 2022 include a rising movement toward simplicity and minimalism: a clean look with streamlined features. However, Anthem cabinet makers are also seeing bold options with personalized touches becoming simultaneously popular for today’s homeowners. Here’s a look at some of the latest top trends in kitchen cabinetry design to consider as you design your own custom kitchen.

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Open Shelving

Floating shelves and other types of open shelving are being used in modern kitchen designs to balance out the space. You’ll discover that open shelving gives a light, open feel to your kitchen and offers the illusion of more space than you actually have, making it an especially great option in small kitchens. Open shelving also offers a lower cost option if your budget is tight. The downside of open shelving is that it needs to be kept clean and free from clutter. Every item you choose to display needs to be chosen thoughtfully because it will impact the overall aesthetic of the whole room. With good organization and shelving that is custom designed by your Peoria cabinet builder to match the rest of the room, open shelving can transform your kitchen space!

Simple & Minimalist

Many homeowners are keeping their kitchens simple with white cabinetry, minimal appliances, and streamlined surfaces. But this doesn’t have to mean boring or unfinished. Consider adding specialty stone, an eye-catching backsplash, a beautiful cabinet finish, or sleek and modern appliances to keep the room interesting while maintaining that simplistic appeal.

Keep It Clean

Beyond minimalist, all-white kitchens are trending this year. Many homeowners are opting for white backsplashes with white cabinetry from their Arrowhead cabinet maker for a clean and simple look, while adding interest with fancy light fixtures, specialty faucets, and unique flooring options. Even the cabinet design itself is kept simple, with recessed panel doors, smooth edge profiles, and clean lines that don’t demand a lot of attention. This stands in contrast to the ornate designs often found in more traditional cabinetry. This trend is expected to continue for the coming years.

No More Double Bowl Sink

Today’s trendiest kitchens have abandoned the double bowl sink in favor of a large, single bowl, farmhouse style sink. Farmhouse sinks are loved by many homeowners because of their deep size that makes washing dishes easier and more comfortable. Apron and undermount options are the most popular options for single bowl sinks this year. If space allows, homeowners may choose to install a prep sink at the end of their kitchen island, enabling multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time while offering a clean place to drain pasta or wash produce away from piles of dirty dishes. Many of today’s single bowl sinks are equipped with specialty faucets that boast a variety of features and unique designs.

Creative Lighting

With simple, clean cabinetry and plenty of white providing a backdrop, today’s kitchens are creating focal points with creative lighting options. A carefully selected light fixture can take your room from standard to designer. Incorporated fixtures that make a statement above the kitchen sink or island offer both aesthetic and practical features, ensuring that your room is well-lit, environmentally friendly with LED bulbs, and makes a design statement about your personality. Don’t forget to work with your Chandler custom cabinet builder to incorporate under cabinet lighting so your entire kitchen is illuminated.

Multi-Colored Cabinetry

If an all-white kitchen isn’t your style, consider the recent trend of utilizing multiple color tones in one kitchen. Homeowners are frequently choosing to finish upper cabinets in a lighter color to make the room feel open while selecting a natural wood finish or darker painted color on their base cabinets. Another popular option is to have your Glendale custom cabinet company finish the island cabinetry in a different color or finish than the rest of your cabinets. It’s an easy way to add color that reflects your personality into your kitchen, without feeling overwhelming. Black, navy, greens, browns, and other bold colors are making an appearance on islands to provide a statement contrast from white, gray, or wood finish cabinets in the rest of the room.

Incorporate Your Personality To Your Kitchen With Custom Cabinetry

Personalization is the top cabinetry trend of 2022. When you work with the expert custom cabinet designers at AZ Cabinet Maker, you’ll be able to design your own personalized cabinetry that reflects your unique personality and design styles. Whether you are looking for something trendy or more traditional, our design team is ready to build the kitchen of your dreams, at an affordable price with a generous warranty. Contact us today to get started!

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